Bird flu has suddenly become a global concern. It's clear that how Beijing controls it will affect their international image.

For China nowadays, North Korea is important for strategic, not ideological, reasons.

Among policymakers in China, many believe that while Pyongyang is 60 percent or 70 percent responsible for the current crisis, Washington's share is 30 percent to 40% percent.

The United States is worried about China's military build-up and energy diplomacy.

The U.S. has to do its part in defusing the crisis.

U.S. worries about China will still grow. China can try to make the United States feel at ease, but it's all doubtful from the U.S. viewpoint. Some issues cannot be resolved at all at this stage.

The two sides will need to address their `strategic suspicions,'.

We have never before seen so much economic competition, and we have never seen American officials at such senior levels express concern about China's military buildup.