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Our aim was always to reach a consensus to ensure a victory in the referendum.

Hajim Al hasani

We have not yet reached a consensus.

Jonathan Allen

A consensus means that everyone agrees to say collectively what no one believes individually.

Abba Eban

I've become more bullish on technology stocks. Earnings will probably be better than market consensus.

Koji Nakatsuka

But I think there's a general consensus that times have changed, and we've been more fortunate than anything else that we've only had 9/11.

Michael Mccann

Our consensus is that it would be inappropriate after the deadline had passed.

Jack Watford

There has to be a consensus on this. In OPEC, everything is decided on the basis of consensus.

Bijan Zanganeh

There seems to be a consensus that there will be plenty to meet the expected demand.

Donna Brown

The ANC will go back to its tradition of engaging with the people until consensus is reached.

Smuts Ngonyama

There will be no increase in production, definitely not. There is a consensus on that.

Chakib Khelil

If you don't have a consensus that it's nonsense, you don't have a breakthrough.

Burt Rutan

That seems to be the consensus.

Christina Thal

There's a consensus among regulators that we need to be working on this.

Barbara Grunkemeyer

It remains uncertain whether there will be enough consensus in Congress to approve the amount requested.

Horacio Aldrete

I imagine Roberts would like to be a consensus builder.

Stephen Wermiel

It is more important than ever to come up with a consensus candidate everyone can respect.

Debra L. Ness

The E.U. hasn't gone far enough. That's the general consensus.

Robert Portman

The consensus was Mr. Meade is hands down a stud.

Sean Callahan

There will not be consensus and there will not be major progress (in Hong Kong).

Christine Lagarde

We are trying to work through the concerns that have been raised and trying to reach a bipartisan consensus.

Andrew Gray