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One one coco full basket.

Jamaican Proverb

Two guys ran to trap him and I just cut to the basket.

Whitney Coleman

We gave them an easy basket and you can't do that.

Tim Buddenhagen

They could not get the ball in the basket in the last five minutes and we were able to capitalize.

Jeff Lebo

They played good defense, and we just couldn't put the ball in the basket.

Greg Robinson

Aja did what she does well, shooting the ball and cutting to the basket.

Cathy Inglese

When we really need a basket, we have to figure out where we're going to go, and when we need a stop, we have to figure out what we need to do.

Tim Abney

Travis got some nice looks at the basket. He did a nice job shooting the ball. We have to have a little more of that.

Paul Swanson

I felt like there was a lid on the basket.

Sara Schopper

The Indians' (basket) got too rich for my blood when it went above $100.

John Valentine

We needed to make adjustments as far as attacking the basket more. There's no such thing as a 10-point basket, so we needed to nip away at it a little bit.

Darwin Hofer

You?re in front of him, and next thing you know, he?s right at the basket.

Russ Mcfarland

That's where we're at right now. We're not really aggressive attacking the basket. We're settling.

Mario Elie

In the third quarter, we just couldn't put the ball in the basket.

Deron Collins

She continues to attack the basket. She also can back it and make the 3-pointer. She destroys defenses.

Art Thomason

We got the ball to go into the basket. We played some pretty good defense.

Scott Beehler

I wasn't concerned about that. I just worried about getting the ball in the basket.

Amanda Hummel

The waste basket is the writer's best friend.

Isaac Bashevis Singer

She was real active on the boards. She did well as soon as she started to look to the basket.

Jon Strebe

We've been in every game. I need somebody to put the ball in the basket.

Tim Bonsant

We got our tempo going, our transition was good and we attacked the basket well.

Brady Wells

We knew they were going to defend Andre hard. So I had to attack the basket.

Orlando Griego

In the past, there has been up to 100 yards of material in the basket.

Jan Connelley

We couldn't make a basket and we just let it get away.

Dan Andria

We make one another better. I try to make him catch it away from the basket.

Jarvis Jones

We had opportunities to score - and we didn't. We couldn't put the ball in the basket.

Tom Klawitter

We were able to get shots close to the basket and got Kirk going.

Roy Green

They attack the basket and rebound so hard. They are tough and it was a tough game.

Dean Montzingo

It's more or less us not executing well and not getting good looks at the basket, something we could have did better.

Damien Wilkins

There are really only two plays: Romeo and Juliet, and put the darn ball in the basket.

Abe Lemons

He's gotten a little more confident and is seeing a bigger basket.

Seth Greenberg

But if you know how to put the ball in the basket, you can do it anywhere.

George Hill

He made a great play and a great basket. That's what athletes do.

Joe Coleman

We continue to see fund action. They are coming in across the basket of commodities.

Deborah White

Coach wanted me to run the pick and roll and get to the basket.

Chamique Holdsclaw

After Sept. 11, they got bruised here in San Francisco. They had all their eggs in this basket.

Thomas Callahan

Cassie shoots the '3' well and she gets to the basket.

Dennis Hutter

For whatever reason, sometimes we don't attack the basket, and we need to attack the basket aggressively when it's there.

Troy Wells

When I made the basket to tie it, I really felt good about what was happening.

Jenna Smith

We were one and done pretty much all night long. The basket had a lid on it.

Bill Prince

It was good to see Kary and Bliss attack the basket and make some key shots.

Ned Bittner

The play was for me to get the ball, but they did a good job of denying it. Joseph got to the basket, but couldn't make the play.

Acie Law

We need his rebounding and those five or six points around the basket.

Marty Barnes

Whenever we needed a basket he seemed to get one for us.

Jon Pearson

Sunbeam was a basket case, now its a world leader.

Albert Dunlap

That was a heads-up play and a huge basket.

Doug Light

There weren't very many times when he had clean looks at the basket.

Ritchie Mckay

It hard to beat a team when you can't put the ball in the basket.

Dr. Louis Orr

She?s very active around the basket. She just killed us.

David Heard

We all feel disappointed that Americas' Food Basket didn't work out.

Ira Schlosser

He just gave them another guy who could attack the basket and score. That was big for them.

Kyle Cerfoglio

A lot of wins. Every time we needed a basket, she scored a basket.

Matt Schmelzer

We couldn't make a basket. The basket had a lid on it.

Jeff Tarkowski

We've got pretty much a fruit basket of different kids and different athletes.

Matt Bryant

We have got a basket of what we call 'new economy electrics,'.

Paul Patterson

I had time to look at the basket and get the shot off.

Adrienne Squire

That basket was the key, key basket of the game.

Andy Nussbaum

Our kids did everything we asked of them, but we couldn't get that ball to go in the basket.

Doug Light

Asset allocation is not that different from what mom told us growing up: don't put all your eggs in one basket.

David I. Lampe

We can go to the market with a much larger basket of parts. That will be very helpful.

Lou Mancini

We were right in the game. One more basket here or there and we could have had them.

Bruce Gunter

We don't shoot the ball very well and our best shooter (Elam) wasn't here. We had to attack and be aggressive around the basket.

George Nessman

That commission is going to hell in a hand basket.

Bill Lockwood

The more open shots they get, the better it is for us. If I can get to the basket and try to get those [defenders] closer in on me, it's better for us.

Marquis Daniels

She has a knack to getting to the basket.

Jill Devries

When she takes it strong to the basket, she can score on anybody at anytime.

Holly Ismail

We did a good job of attacking the basket, and we got the ball to the right guy (Brandt) in the end.

Joe Kinch

He can do that. He did a good job of taking it to the basket.

Dave Lutz

That basket was huge. It's a mental backbreaker when they make 3s like that.

Lance Davids

She can shoot threes and drive to the basket.

Dave Hiatt

Clearly, an organization has to be accountable, but (should not have to) put all (its) eggs in a narrow testing basket.

Tony Gerlicz

What's in the basket, Mom?

Fannie Farmer

We needed to put our eggs in one basket. This is more Bob Miller and Cobalt.

Barry Green

At the beginning of the play, I could see the girl wasn't watching me, and I ran to the basket.

Emilee Harmon

We were trying to set up for a 3, but that wasn't open so I went to the basket. I thought I had it.

Emery Wallace

They will constitute the basket of the currencies and be weighted accordingly.

Zhou Xiaochuan