She's a fine young lady, a quality player and a quality person. She's going to be missed.

(Clapper) was dominating. Her second quarter was outstanding. She dominated inside, she was aggressive defensively, she got out in some passing lanes ... she wanted to prove tonight that she was the best player on the floor. I think she did that.

At the time, I thought it was good for us. I thought it was giving us a rest. We didn't play very many kids. I thought it was to our advantage to have the stall game. ... I liked our chances at that point.

Conventional wisdom says you stall when you're the underdog. But it worked well for them.

Their stall might have re-energized their defense as well. They forced turnovers on us that really caused us trouble.

A lot of wins. Every time we needed a basket, she scored a basket.

I absolutely did not feel comfortable with that lead.