Those free throws really sealed it. She came off the bench and played very well for us.

I had already told them what I wanted to tell them during the first timeout. After the second one I asked if anyone had a clean joke they wanted to tell.

I thought we really had control of the game. (North Medford) had some offensive rebounds in the second half that hurt us and they stepped up and made some big shots.

It was kind of a ho-hum game. I don?t think we really played very well at all. We missed a bunch of easy shots and forced a lot of shots.

We got real solid play from everybody. We?re that kind of team. We get different contributions from different people.

It?s good to get a win like that in that kind of atmosphere. Your best big kid, your point guard are both in foul trouble ... We overcame a lot.

She?s very active around the basket. She just killed us.

I think what this loss does is force us to re-establish our goals. Thoughts of winning the conference are now over, in my mind. For us now, we have a real battle for second place.

I would put this team on a level with those Oregon City teams (of the 1990s) that were ranked No. 1 nationally. They have tremendous talent and they?re very well-coached.