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These were basic searches, really.

David Stephenson

It's nobody's fault. I did it, ... Sometimes you have to make things simple and get back to basic stuff.

Corey Patterson

We have to start with the basic rules. There has to be zero tolerance.

Alfredo Hernandez

The basic question: is this an Internet stock or a retailer?

Martin Pyykkonen

We were around the business so I think we got our basic mechanical skills from him.

Jeff Dousharm

When someone only has $200 to their name and has to pay their electric bill soon, why make them pay for basic necessities?

Claudia Tremaine

It's pretty basic. But it's working.

Julie Leong

The basic thrust of this whole thing is right on target.

Chuck Robinson

Fire is one of the most basic areas of coverage.

Don Griffin

This is college prep, but it's basic.

Philip Ballinger

The basic concept is almost identical. We changed a few things here and there.

Tom Lykken

Our basic philosophy is time, talk and tactics.

John Clay

Education has really one basic factor, a sine qua non-you must want it.

George E. Woodberry

The younger they are, the faster they pick up the basic techniques.

Richard Ramos

The basic essential of a great actor is that he loves himself in acting.

Charlie Chaplin

My basic advise is don't lose money.

Jim Rogers

Most of the basic material a writer works with is acquired before the age of fifteen.

Willa Sibert Cather

Say if you have a high-end Cadillac, you'll pay basic insurance of about $1,200 -- so 10% of that will be $120.

Brian Smiley

It meets the basic requirements to get (students) into college.

Larry Russell

The basic message is unambiguous -- you've got inflation.

Lakshman Achuthan

Protecting civil rights is our basic consideration.

Ke Liangdong

The traditional book is still the basic model.

Bill Mckenna

The basic globe was there. One generation did that. All we have done since then is refine that globe.

Seth Shostak

This is that basic principle, magnified by 20.

James Q. Wilson

The basic test of freedom is perhaps less in what we are free to do than in what we are free not to do.

Eric Hoffer

I have a basic right as a parent to know.

Wayne Thompson

On a very basic level, that's kind of what it comes down to.

Mark O'connor

Waiting for instructions is the basic rule.

Jonah Weinberg

Basic Pilot right now doesn't work.

Angelo Amador

But the basic flaws are all still there.

Daniel Cohen

We build our subdivisions above and beyond the basic requirements.

Becky Selle

All we can do is basic stuff at this point.

Al Wisnoski

We try to work on the basic skills with them even if they don't have any homework.

Rebecca Snyder

If you did that, you undermine basic environmental protections.

Bill Wolfe

They give you basic equipment and no training.

Clemente Rivera

The administration has failed basic accounting. There is very little in this that is (really) so-called emergency spending.

Jim Manly

There's a reason it's called a Basic Pilot Program. It's basic, and it's a pilot.

Farrell Quinlan

How to deal with a crying baby, and just those basic needs.

Conrad Lindo

The basic advantage [to an annulment] is that at a cocktail party when the guy asks if you were ever married, you can say no.

Raoul Felder

In the most basic sense, development aid is anything that is an investment in the future.

Gerald Bourke

I'm a pretty basic guy.

Brad Lukowich

We're in basic agreement. It's just not signed yet.

Bill Bunch

It's very basic -- look for a dumpster that has stuff in it, climb in, and see what you can find.

Iris Peppar

It could be a barrier for people to get basic telephone service - and that's a problem.

William Ferris

The problem is more basic than 'where are the people?' The problem is the people don't have anywhere to live.

Loren Scott

We serve the basic foods, and the basic foods never change.

Joe Rogers

Rizzo's basic response to our questions was, 'Did you find the body?'

Anthony Murphy

The basic criteria is to get a warning out ... within 10 and 20 minutes.

Harold Mofjeld

The basic thing we've got to do in the workplace is to stick together.

Greg Combet

Fundamentally, it is a question of basic political will.

Crawford Falconer

Basic research is what I am doing when I don't know what I am doing.

Wernher von Braun

I am very conscious that we need to do more to get the basic facts across.

Bill Rammell

We've just got some basic plans.

Chuck Hall

An era can be said to end when its basic illusions are exhausted.

Arthur Miller

We will spend more on development resources for the Basic PC.

Craig Barrett

Basic Texas down home values.

Kelly Shackelford

The tax mechanism in the last basic agreement would not be acceptable to us this time around.

Rob Manfred

We're not picking up basic strays because we don't have room for them.

Charlotte Lasley

Our basic point is, they can afford it.

Lisa Uphoff

We have a basic agreement and there are basic loose ends that need to be tied (up).

Trade Minister Mandisi Mpahlwa

There were three articles in which the basic material was not correctly handled.

Erling Lyngtveit

He's the got the basic ingredients: He's got intelligence and courage.

Eric Jensen

We are staying in basic accommodation but it doesn't matter to me, it's all about the experience.

Bob Beamon