Rob Manfred
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"Robert D. Manfred Jr." is an American lawyer, business executive, the tenth and current Commissioner of Baseball, since January 25, 2015. He previously served as the Chief Operating Officer of Major League Baseball and succeeded Bud Selig as Commissioner on January 25, 2015.

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It's not in the cards, ... to do an agreement that does not contain some sort of competitive balance [i.e., luxury] tax.

Given the number of people involved in the organization, from the minor-league system through the major leagues, we don't feel their numbers are suggestive of anything. The sample is too small. Any real conclusion is unfair.

We are early in the game, ... But, from our prospective, the most important issue in the negotiations was competitive balance. We believe we have seen a significant improvement just this year.

If you compress payroll, lessen payroll disparity, have a little restraint at the top, give more at the bottom.

We are awaiting a formal response from the union. We expect that in the very near future.

In all candor, I think the agreement has probably been showing positive trends sooner than we might have expected. It looks like it's working.

For us to make a deal, there has to be a luxury tax in it.

The tax mechanism in the last basic agreement would not be acceptable to us this time around.