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I have only one superstition. I touch all the bases when I hit a home run.

Babe Ruth

We put the ball in play and ran the bases well today.

Lance Moore

We've left the entire village out there on the bases almost every game.

Mike Stephenson

We hit the ball really well. We ran the bases well. Everything we did clicked.

Robert Waller

Those two runs we scored with two outs were big. I thought we ran the bases well very.

Greg Payne

When they walk the bases loaded we don't have much left to do.

Stephen Burris

Most organizations don't do TCO [and instead] they make decisions on other bases.

John Rymer

There are bases there to be taken. And Jeremy is a guy who should have more steals than he does.

Mike Goff

We stranded a lot of runners. We had the bases loaded in the first and didn't do anything.

Bob Grimes

She did a good job on the bases when she got on.

Jeff Haney

I think they just wanted to cover all of their bases.

Jim Ferree

It was good to create a little havoc on the bases.

Juan Pierre

We wanted to cover our bases.

Chris Allen

The issue is when we got on we were taking bases today and we weren't able to score. That's how we've won. We've hit the ball, and we didn't do it today. You can't win them all.

Matt Holm

She is smart on the bases and aggressive. I encourage my team to be aggressive.

Heather Earls

We have had too many bases. We need to be more efficient.

Michael O'hanlon

For me it is completely clear that our air bases in Germany would be available to the Americans.

Helmut Kohl

They have formed bases in Bangladesh where they are trained and sent to India.

Karnail Singh

Negotiations (on bases) are practically over.

Traian Basescu

We are looking at all of our training bases.

Togo West

We're gonna be aggressive on the bases until the game is over. If we get thrown out because we're aggressive, that's okay.

Jerry Powell

They took advantage of their smarts on the bases. They take all the extra bases they can get.

Chelsey Coburn

He can steal as many bases as he wants to. The question is whether he wants to.

Rickey Henderson

The No. 1 thing I was pleased with was our base stealing. We stole 11 bases today.

Brett Diel

We cover our bases very thoroughly because we could get bitten as easily as they can.

Susie Williams

We cover a lot of bases also.

Robert Welch

We had the bases loaded, and we didn't get any (runs) in. You've got to get some in with that.

Rick Bohlander