Teams with playing-making guards give them trouble.

We got our copy of the magazine yesterday. We were really tickled.

We wanted to cover our bases.

We could see a movement in the country toward food and fitness, and we thought we could be successful in that niche.

The 3 percent kicks in during year three. On paper, we're not expecting to show a profit for the first year; we hope to show a small profit in year two.

It's an enjoyable experience to make a difference, ... They [volunteers] are actually getting dirty. They're using their hearts, their hands and their heads to make a difference.

My mom said that the food they give you here tastes like dog food, but I don't think it's that bad now.

Everybody said it wasn't going to snow, and I kept telling everybody, 'Hey, I think it's going to snow'. Winter's not over yet. Everybody's like, 'Oh! Take my studded tires off!' And I'm like, 'I wouldn't take studded tires off quite yet,' and here it is.

The bottom line is, he's not in custody yet.