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This is probably one of the most difficult areas of the law because we all come from different backgrounds, The Workplace Law Advisor.

Anne Covey

We wanted to show cars in interesting backgrounds.

Carl Herrman

We're all from similar backgrounds and so we all get on pretty easy like that.

David Kidwell

They all come out of the party and technocratic backgrounds. Many are engineers.

David Shambaugh

They got the same dispositions because they had the same backgrounds.

Joe Walker

There's a mix of different backgrounds, different nationalities, and they all play together.

John Hopkins

We do have some holes in some of our teachers' backgrounds.

Donna Deeds

He's still looking into different people and different backgrounds.

Sandy Anderson

They came from all backgrounds. Some had an Irish heritage, but not necessarily so.

Leo Mohan

Both of these individuals are 'fix-it' guys with consulting backgrounds.

Donald Light