There are still a few things we can do to improve lap times, but basically we are pretty pleased with how the weekend's going. It's the first time back since I had the surgery on my foot, the wound has healed and I'm at 100 per cent. I'm happy to be back out on the bike fully fit.

It's a global market. We need to be able to compete in a global market and in a national market and obviously this is one of the things we should be doing to position ourselves properly.

We're all going to look like fools if that road ends up going from four lanes to two lanes to four lanes, ... I wish we could get more things, but in my heart I don't think we're going to get any more.

Crystallizing my feelings about the game, I find that squash is less frustrating than golf, less fickle than tennis.

That's one of the predominant reasons President Bush signed this into law was to conserve energy. So if it is conserving energy everywhere else, it will also have an impact here.

It's really great to get the deal all done and sorted out and to be able to concentrate on the rest of the year.

There's a mix of different backgrounds, different nationalities, and they all play together.

Fourth row is obviously not where we want to be, but one of the positives that has come out of it is that we are nearly one and a half seconds quicker than we were last year ? so that shows the improvements made to the bike.

They didn't know this neighbor, the only connection is they live on the same floor of the apartment complex.