With a three-quarter-billion-dollar order backlog and the first of many A500 deliveries last year, we now look forward to Craig providing his production experience to quickly ramp up deliveries to six aircraft per month to meet this strong customer demand.

Every year, we try to go out and make the best show. We try to make sure everyone has a good time.

We're not at the penthouse and it's going to take a lot of work to get there, but the elevator is going up instead of down. With his presence and resume, he has elevated the football program, the athletic program and the university.

We think we should. We're the backbone. We do the work.

It is a tragic event resulting from two boys playing with a gun.

Who would have thought we would bring home a trophy for our third year? It's crazy.

They got the same dispositions because they had the same backgrounds.

The Red Cross should've been here the day after it happened, right after the storm went through, ... Instead, they show up nine days later, and now they're leaving.

Deborah brings extraordinary experience to this position. Her expertise and strong track record of implementing best practices among organizations will be tremendous assets to the company.