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The Internet continued to attract the most desirable customer.

John Rittenhouse

A lie should be tried in a place where it will attract the attention of the world.

Ariel Sharon

The sport is a magnet. It will attract kids.

Bob Hiester

Needed to do something dramatic that would attract media attention.

James Gray

To re-attract tourists into the country we have to adopt new policies.

Huseyin Baraner

What we got around us is what will attract people.

Dan Simpson

Between those two things, maybe it will help a little to attract faculty.

Marilyn Bouldin

We are attracting foreign funds as money is cheaper abroad than here.

Rodrigo Vilaça

Recruiting is very competitive, ... It was very difficult to attract some of these players.

Alan Sherman

We attract tourists to these regions where we can't guarantee their security.

Reinhold Messner

The purpose is to attract a connoisseur.

Brian Stebbins

So they, too, are attracting our staff away.

Dora Schriro

A longer campaign would tend to attract more candidates.

David Akin

We're trying to attract the best and brightest from around the world.

Andrea Hoffman

We want it to be fun and hip and attract great people - and be something that we would want to do to.

Adele Testani

The competition to attract companies is intense.

Kelly Smallridge

Nobody can attract more money than a sitting president.

Robert Dion

We feel that it is a great way to attract very well-qualified employees.

Debra Peterson

I don't think you can go less than $150,000, and $160,000 will attract the best candidates.

Bill Newman

Of course, we aim to attract them to sit down not to freeze them.

Jianguo Liu

We are a suitor, and we are trying to attract the best candidates.

Jack Porter

Opposites may attract, but I wouldn't put my money on a relationship of financial opposites.

Suze Orman

Attracting and retaining workers at all levels is critical to DRS.

Michael Kelly

The U.S. is still able to attract very talented immigrants from across the world.

Giovanni Peri

Australia is taking an aggressive view to attracting talent.

John Key

If someone moves here from the Midwest, the first thing that is attracting them here is the water.

Jon Lindhout

It will probably attract a lot of 8-year-old boys and 38-year-old dads.

Allison Savicz

You never know which prop is going to attract the most action.

Jay Kornegay

Hopefully, we can attract Annika now that we have two events.

Greg Nichols

To attract men, I wear a perfume called ``New Car Interior.''.

Rita Rudner

It's a good strategy to attract more people and more publicity.

Leila Cobo

The police were worried by the size of the crowd we were attracting.

Jason Baker

We attract a broad following with those auctions.

Bob Keevil

It's interesting to see how this singing is attracting the youth.

Stan Familant

We're not trying to attract a big sum of new people to move here. We're trying to find jobs for people who are already here.

Joe Newman

Going around in Shakespeare costumes [will] attract a lot attention, which is always good.

Vincent Barbatti

We see it as an effort to attract and retain talent.

Maureen Weber

We're not unhappy about where we are. We're feeling good about our ability to attract a better field.

Stephen Ross

We hope that the conference will attract attention to the state of these objects.

John Stubbs

If we had four walls we could attract more players.

John Pullo

This shows what good teachers we attract.

Rachel Phillips

I don't know how to even articulate the kind of energy this museum is attracting.

Danialle Karmanos

They generally attract a mixed audience of men and women.

Neal Pilson