He's not showy. He's quietly effective. He has marshaled his intelligence in the service of getting things done.

These people are profit motivated. Members are not so profit motivated. We just want the lifestyle we bought into.

If we use a lot of philosophy text, it's hard for them to understand. If you transform what you have to tell them in movement, it will touch their hearts.

Nobody can attract more money than a sitting president.

You know the risk of having a bold agenda is that you get to step on multiple toes. In his first period as governor, by moving swiftly, he has given people more than one reason to disapprove of his actions.

In this show, we don't have any dialogue. Some people are talking, but it's not real dialogue with an exchange.

Democrats can't find anyone to run against him because he's universally applauded in the state as a sensible, effective, knowledgeable public servant. On anybody's list of distinguished senators, you're going to find Dick Lugar near the top.

I bought into a particular lifestyle.