When I visualize that man with his hands on that steering wheel and that trail weaving from side-to-side on that road ... I think it deserved the death penalty.

Needed to do something dramatic that would attract media attention.

The murder facts in this case ... are real, real traumatic on jurors and it's hard to handle, ... It gets you emotionally when you see the pictures of the body and learn the treatment.

[Jasper County District Attorney Guy James Gray told reporters outside the courthouse that any blood or other evidence had been washed off before authorities recovered the chain.] And besides, ... any time you cover something with dirt, it's nearly impossible to get DNA.

Mr. Berry is the weakest of the three cases as far as the death penalty, ... He does not have a racist background that the other two have. He doesn't have the same criminal history that these other two have. But I think he may have been more of an active participant than the other two.

All I can do is point out what the facts are, ... All I want to do is prove he was bad, he's racist and did it and is going to do other things in the future.

They stayed with the facts, and we're very pleased with it.

Any prosecutor that enjoys getting the death penalty has just got a little something wrong with him, ... You temper your enthusiasm over a verdict you know is right and just and what the jury should have done under the facts with just that little hesitation that it's just not something you enjoy doing.

Wait, this could really happen to me. There's no one watching out for us.