When I was an undergraduate 30 years ago, the only role model was to become an academic like the people teaching us.

Dawn of the Dead.

This opportunity of me playing again only came up after Andrew (Rice) got hurt.

I don't think I'm in any kind of great shape (physically) but I think I can still contribute to the team.

If they lose these next three cases, Merck will be in deep trouble. They will have given the plaintiffs a road map on how to successfully try these cases, and the pressure for a global settlement of these suits will start to grow.

These results have been a wonderful achievement by both students and staff.

Attracting and retaining workers at all levels is critical to DRS.

[There is definitely a] war on for talent, ... The whole nation is getting more and more aggressive. There is a big push to find talent by all companies.

Everyone is aware of [the issue of Web-shopping at work], but very few companies are doing anything about it. The legal scouts have not sent back much useful information on the right to privacy.