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We may have hit bottom in Asia but it may not get better anytime soon.

Art Russell

In Asia, we see growth remaining steady and fast.

David Hensley

Asia is the biggest growth area.

Thomas Enders

But they adopt new software very quickly -- faster than the rest of Asia.

Biren Ghose

We have decided to make a joint bid for Asia.

Sharad Pawar

Soccer is much bigger there than it is here, and Asia is just much bigger.

Paul Kennedy

The Age of Northeast Asia is fast approaching.

Moo hyum Roh

Growth in North America will be healthy, but growth will be strongest in Asia.

Bruce Goldberg

Despite all of this, we continue to be cautiously optimistic on developing Asia.

Ifzal Ali

If we just sell oil to Asia, we would be able to sell at a higher price.

Nawaf Obaid

We've all been to Europe, but we haven't been to Asia.

Vincent Wolfington

There is no arms race in South Asia.

Jaswant Singh

Look forward, many see the Asia Century.

Somkid Jatusripitak

Japan probably is the biggest victim of deflation in Asia.

Peter Morgan

We certainly want to have someone here in Asia. We do a tremendous amount of business here.

Michael Horowitz

Especially in Asia we are too small in food.

Patrick Cescau

If it is Asia today, then the African continent cannot be far behind.

Mukesh Ambani

We're going more where our customers are, and that's increasingly in Asia.

Tom Crafton

Everything here is from Asia.

John Clement

It's not that Asia and PC's aren't something we didn't already know about but this is clearly worse than we expected.

Alex Brown

David Beckham won't go to Newcastle after what the Toon Army did in Asia.

Rodney Marsh

Asia is becoming a huge market for the aerospace industry.

Ghazemy Mahmud

In Asia, if the US is doing well, exporters will do well.

Hans Goetti

Motorola is nipping at them in Asia.

Mark Sue

They're two of my buddies from touring Asia.

Libby Smith

There are nagging concerns about what Asia may or may mean for the airlines.

John Pincavage

We have global ambitions, but to get there we had to advance first to Asia.

Guido Buchwald

China is generating wealth for a lot of people in Asia.

Stephen Corry

Asia is known for its manufacturing. That's why we want to come to this region.

Arif Mubarak

I love performing in Asia.

Kenny G

The A-League's future path has to be through Asia.

Anthony Lapaglia

It is a fairly big acceleration in the Asia region.

Brian Duffy

Most of us are focused on the China story, which is broadening into an Asia story.

Philip Wee

We may get some interaction with wild birds (from Asia) that go up to Alaska and our birds that go up to Alaska.

Mark Drew

Can Asia be the driver of growth? Yes.

Jim Walker

We continue to look for opportunities in Asia.

Arun Sarin

Our expectation is Asia will continue to be strong.

George Fellows