I just love him. He's so good for cricket, and he is a great man. He's as happy having a beer and a chat with his mates as he is playing Test cricket against Australia.

England won the second Test by only two runs but I thought they should have won a lot easier than they did.

Among the current generation of players, he is the best after, of course, Adam Gilchrist.

Simon has bowled really well in the series and I am sure England are going to miss him.

I think it's all due to the pressure of winning the Ashes. They know they have been struggling over the line, but now they more positive in their approach and have been playing some positive cricket and learning the mind games well as well.

They should have been 3-1 up going into the final Test but the pressure of winning the Ashes after a long time is causing them grief.

David Beckham won't go to Newcastle after what the Toon Army did in Asia.

He has got natural ability to keep wicket and to strike the ball and it is up to us to help make sure he gets the most out of himself.

He would make a great captain because the players would want to follow him.