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She did resign from the university. [And] she was charged with a felony on [April 17].

Tom Page

Starting in April, I get five to six calls a day.

Greg Waldrop

We're preparing for operations through the end of April; that's not good news.

Jack Colley

April 18, 1906 will be one that few people in California will forget.

Joseph Tracy

There will be some confusion. It could be April Madness.

David Zion

Guidance for the April quarter was appreciably better than expected.

Gurinder Kalra

Hopefully [we will] have candidates visiting campus in mid-April.

Corinne Kowpak

April will be a very important month for us.

Joe Hopkins

APRIL FOOL, n. The March fool with another month added to his folly.

Ambrose Bierce

It will be ready hopefully by April.

Jahnu Barua

We'll be starting to work with them April 1.

Willy Koppel

The fishing season will now go from April to March.

Chuck Gates

April can be a violent month.

Brian Avery

It's crazy. It's mid-April and it's just now getting bare.

Sara Mcclure

That's what it feels like. And I wish that's what it was. I wish it was April 20th and we were here for the playoffs.

Dan Lacouture

They lived here only 10 days. They came in April 1, and went out April 10.

Ramon Solis

April is a promise that May is bound to keep.

Hal Borland

As far as good weather, what we'd see in April, that doesn't really seem in sight.

Ryan Walbrun

Maybe we learned from April.

Richard Natonski

He's said all along he was not made aware of the contract until April.

Mark Rickel

Until we get close to April, we won't know how many people will be affected.

Fernando Rodriquez

Apparently May is coming up kind of soft, like April was.

David Lucas

Tell me this is April Fool's Day.

Bob Boone

He won't run again until the Slipper (April 8).

Anthony Cummings

He's a kid that's really going to surprise by April. He's really going to move up.

Frank Coyle

I would be shocked if we had a verdict before the first of April.

Jeff Justice

Had we done in April what we did now, the results would've been the same.

Richard Natonski

If I were a betting man, which I'm not, I'm guessing by this April 21st, we'll have a new pope elected.

David O'connell

We hope to be open in April or May.

Kelly Walsh

I've never had anything like this happen. We scheduled this last April.

Jerry Bovee

Our position is we're expecting to be prepared and ready to go by April 24.

Phil Sorensen

The law says no sooner than April 28 and no later than May 2.

Connie Higgins

They absolutely have to be out of that location by the end of April.

Megan Crandall

The operation on the ground will start on April 15.

Marko Jonozovic

I never knew what it was to be a victim until April 19, 1995.

Roy Sells

You never plan anything for the third Saturday in April.

Pam Baker

I may have April off and that's about it.

Kristy Tobias

Nah, before April we didn't know each other.

Amy Williams

The borough has until [April 27] to make a decision.

Robert Shoop

I filed electronically on April 17. I had my refund in my bank account by April 20.

Gary Gudmundson

It's April 3. The session ends May 3. We've got a lot of work to do.

Robert Genuario

Opening Day is April 13.

Ben Wagner

That's likely where yields will be headed toward April.

Hidenori Suezawa

If it's my money right now and they told me to buy something for April 18, I probably wouldn't buy it on American.

Tom Parsons

This is South Africa's biggest story since April 27 1994.

Mondli Makhanya

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

Char Blodgett

The April Fool was him. He screwed up.

Nancy Holton

There's going to be a big launch that we're going to have on April 12.

Randy Kearns

We are quietly optimistic. If you try ... you can't book until April.

Paul Hutton

I shine in tears like the sun in April.

Cyril Tourneur

I let it grow every winter and get it cut in April or May. I'm too lazy in the off-season to get it cut.

A.j. Pierzynski

We took a big hit when we discontinued our affiliate program in April.

Kristi Kaspar

It will likely be raining 3-pointers April 17.

Minor Harmon

We do not believe Cisco will pre-announce a shortfall for the April quarter.

Nikos Theodosopoulos

April seems set to be another month of spiraling violence.

Hedi Annabi

April is picking up right where she left off indoors.

Kevin Hadsell

Construction is mid-way ... it will be up in April 2007 making about 800 million doses annually.

Rajesh Jain

I don't know if we're going to make it after this, but we're targeting April 3.

David D'andrea

Nov. 15 through April is 100% about demand.

Eric Bolling