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I always kind of chuckle when I hear people start talking like he's done.

We've had a successful business and I just feel like we have to give back.

Mother nature really stuck with us on this.

Apparently May is coming up kind of soft, like April was.

I'm sure the automakers are watching the same PIN data, and they will respond accordingly if it's really bad, ... Watch for new incentive promotions.

In deep thought and prayer.

Education is extremely important to us.

I do think we're still going to experience higher incentives in upcoming months, especially as the 2003 model year comes to a close. Inventories are pretty high at this point. Even with strong incentives, there's a few too many vehicles in the market for the number of consumers buying.

I honestly can remember that it wasn't unusual for him to go two or three weeks without making a bogey. It was nothing for him to hit balls until dark.