If American or Northwest don't go along, fares will roll back.

The only problem you may see with Internet-only products is they're really geared around hub airports of these airlines. In most cases, what they'll do is run it from their hubs.

Take the challenge. When they say they have the lowest rate, make sure they do. If you find a cheaper rate on a third-party Web site, print it out and send it to the hotel to get that rate.

The number of cheap seats available to the general public will dwindle as a result of higher energy prices, ... For the peak family travel times during the winter -- Christmas and Thanksgiving -- I expect that the cheap seats won't be there to be sold.

If it's my money right now and they told me to buy something for April 18, I probably wouldn't buy it on American.

People who hesitate and wait this year are going to be sorry.

They may end up paying double or triple.

Usually, they raise fares several times a year, but it's been 18 months since the last hike. This may be round one of many more to come.

I think (the fare hike) will stick.