"Eric Thomas Bolling" is a conservative American television personality who specializes in financial news and political commentary. Bolling is the co-host of Fox News Channel's early evening talk show The Five (TV program)/The Five. He has occupied numerous roles as a commentator on financial issues for television, most notably for Fox News. Bolling was described as "relentlessly upbeat", "hard-charging", and "cheerful" in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. Bolling took over as host of the Fox Business Channel news program Cashin' In, replacing fellow FBC anchor Cheryl Casone, who hosted the program from September 2009 until January 2013.

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That's how the average person is getting involved (in oil futures). You don't see the dentist from Des Moines buying 100 contracts. It's like buying shares in a mutual fund.

Nov. 15 through April is 100% about demand.

You have to look at the trend, not weekly data. One cargo hits the shore and can skew the numbers by 5 to 7 million barrels.

Supplies seems absolutely adequate, but political problems are not. As you get closer to the weekend, people are more concerned about geopolitical issues.