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There are no such things as applied sciences, only applications of science.

Louis Pasteur

He applied through the normal route.

Jo Maney

The reduction to the attorney general is the same one we've applied to every cabinet in our administration.

Brett Hall

They could have been monetized and applied to debt.

Paul Davner

It's not equitable, it's not just and it's not fairly applied.

David Gelinas

We'll wait for the Champion Hurdle [before blinkers are applied again].

Dessie Hughes

The permits, no question, they need to be re-applied for.

Ben Shaw

Martin has applied for legal aid and that's likely, that's on the cards.

Michele Stephens

We've never applied this stuff to sport in the degree to which we're doing it now.

Roger Jackson

There are kids who applied four years ago who wouldn't think about it now.

Mabel Freeman

I just applied the Kitty Kelley test.

Joe Scarborough

I think we all have to be satisfied that the law is being applied with impartiality.

Baltasar Garzon

I thought we did really well, ... We had three applicants for this program. We applied with three (farms) and got all three.

Dave Phillips

I had applied and I had friends that had applied as well. But, when the list came out, we were not on the list for tickets.

Adrian Wilson

It's not a matter of which is the appropriate definition to be applied, ... but what it (i.e. the action) was.

Adrian Anderson

We applied a base density, but if your acquire development rights, you could go above that.

Royce Hanson

We applied for bail at 23:00 and he was released on a warning.

Riaan Louw

We took what we had, we put it there, we applied it, we got it in place and it went pretty well.

Tim Russell

If you can demonstrate and prove that that gas already has a similar fee applied to it, then you won't have to pay again.

Becky Carroll

One two-person team has applied and I expect others.

Chuck Thompson

We are very strict. But Megan applied for a variance, and we granted it.

Doug Voegeli

Sanely applied advertising could remake the world.

Stuart Chase

This law cannot be applied everywhere, and it cannot be long-lasting.

Francois Hollande

Nobody else has applied for it. There isn't any reason we shouldn't get it.

Dave Kolesar

That's why it's so exciting. It was not something we applied for. It's not a lobbying thing.

Harris Pastides

We were very pleased that Ellen applied for the position.

Jim Neubauer