It definitely shows what the figures have shown all year. Home sales continue to be strong.

While so many children are agonizing through this tragedy, ... those who suffered through the nightmare in the Superdome draw strongly on our compassion.

I go to a lot of wine dinners and people are surprised that our wine sells for $25. They're used to paying $50 for a good bottle of wine.

Trees breath just like we do, and their lungs were tainted by all this bad air.

I thought we did really well, ... We had three applicants for this program. We applied with three (farms) and got all three.

In times like these, when the suffering of children is immeasurable, ... it is encouraging to meet so many people who are willing to sacrifice for the sake of one little child.

I like it because it joins the two sexes basically. The men want the women to win as much as the women want the men to win.

This year I'll be ecstatic with third place. Would I be satisfied with third for the rest of my life? No way. But that may be our lot with those two guys (Louisiana Monroe and Louisiana Lafayette) spending all that money every year.