Tim Russell
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"Tim Russell" (born 1947/8) is an American radio announcer and voice actor (AFTRA/Screen Actors Guild/SAG) in Minneapolis – Saint Paul. He is most widely known as one of the actors on the long-running radio show, A Prairie Home Companion. As a voice-over talent and announcer, Russell also appears in radio and television commercials.

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The goal is to stop the obscenity in the store window. You don't advertise with soft porn. Clearly that's violating community standards.

This one is all about money, but it gives Minnesotans a chance to show their support.

We went through those long lines, we waited for ice, ... We did without power. We went hungry.

We took what we had, we put it there, we applied it, we got it in place and it went pretty well.

I think it's terrible. Where do you draw the line?

Then we'll start looking at our options, making final decisions and moving forward.

The smart cards are portable so they can be carried with you...and they are completely secure [with a password], so no one can steal your digital identity.

This law is clearly about marriage. That is the issue.