"Charles L. "Chuck" Thompson" was an American sportscaster best known for his broadcasts of Major League Baseball's Baltimore Orioles and the National Football League's History of the Baltimore Colts/Baltimore Colts. He was well-recognized for his resonant voice, crisply descriptive style of play-by-play, and signature on-air exclamations "Go to war, Miss Agnes!" and "Ain't the beer cold!".

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This is a farce. Whose plan is this? It's not the public's. They need to go to the drawing board and include the public.

This area has to create brand new dollars that do not exist. This partnership raises the level of what any developer could do. ? It's a synergistic approach. ? It would create a stimulus.

You can go to a stocked stream and walk in a little further and find good fishing. You'd be surprised at how good it can be if you get away from the bridges. Fish will move, especially if we get higher water.

[The broadcast delay] afforded us an opportunity to promote to a very broad audience. We get a very good cross-section of demographics of both genders that come to the Games, and people that don't watch CBC all the time.

One two-person team has applied and I expect others.