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Antonio hit some really big shots tonight. And he really got us going on defense, too.

Jimmy Just

It's a great opportunity for San Antonio, and we shouldn't pass it up.

Bill Greehey

There are some risks, but there are also risks in downtown San Antonio.

Pastor Michael Birnbaum

Who could argue with the 'New Orleans Saints of San Antonio'?

Brian Bell

We'll load up as much as we can, and get as much as we can back to San Antonio and make an office out of it.

Greg Bensel

This is a dream the city of San Antonio has had for the last 21 years.

Mark Schultz

In Spain there's the king - and then there's Antonio.

Melanie Griffith

San Antonio has embraced us to another level, ... They honestly have and we appreciate it and we won't forget it.

Joe Horn

It's like our moment has arrived. San Antonio seems to have hit the big leagues.

Henry Cisneros

I don't know what the NFL would have done if San Antonio hadn't taken us in.

Tom Benson

As San Antonio is to breast cancer, we want this to be for prostate cancer.

Eric Small