We'll play it by ear. We'll be talking to the league, and by the early part of next week we should know something about where we're playing.

We'll load up as much as we can, and get as much as we can back to San Antonio and make an office out of it.

We decided to leave as late as possible on Sunday to give everyone enough time to take care of their personal situations and to ensure that everyone's family was out of harm's way.

We don't know the answer to that question. Based on what city officials are saying, the future doesn't look too bright for being able to play games in New Orleans. But we just don't know right now.

We don't know the extent of damage to our homes. That's the most unsettling part.

Our plans for flying home will be determined once we see what kind of condition the city is in. We are all hoping for the best for the city and the people that remain.

We just don't know yet. We really don't.

As of right now the damage assessment is not complete. We are speaking with the league and we will make a plan as soon as we know the complete ramifications and all of our options.