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I would anticipate this case is going to have to be retried.

Alan Curry

I anticipate that at least lead elements of it will be here.

James Dobbins

I don't anticipate any problems.

Ritch Winter

I don't anticipate our membership dropping much, if at all, to be honest with you.

P. Brocklin Parks

Inevitably in the project we find something we didn't anticipate.

Jeff Krull

They have great quickness. It's not that they are all sprinters. They all anticipate things so well and that's the really impressive thing.

Nick Kajca

That's the time we usually anticipate vacancies.

Steve Niles

Joi and I are trying to anticipate as many of the questions that might come up.

David Fleming

We didn't anticipate seeing him very much.

Dale Tea

Pending any unforeseen circumstances, I don't anticipate that changing.

Mike Hamilton

We do not anticipate this being a long-term situation.

Mark O'neal

We've got a six-month ramp-up, and we don't anticipate issuing any permits before Jan. 1.

Whitney Watson

This is as far as we've discussed, so I wouldn't anticipate that we would go any further.

Bridget Blanshan

And I anticipate there will be a lot more development activity spurred by the ballpark.

Kevin Farrell

We don't anticipate any sort of groundbreaking until well into 2007.

Judy Pedersen

We anticipate plenty of groceries on the shelf for Y2K and hereafter.

Brian Sansoni

We did anticipate growth, but even the growth that we've experienced has exceed our own expectations.

Greg Cook

I don't anticipate any changes in the appearance of the river.

Tom Norton

We are very close to agreeing to something with Matt. I anticipate it getting done quickly.

Rob Babcock

We do not anticipate that there will be any major shortage, but prices will be high.

Martha Rowe Mitchell

I hope not. I would anticipate that we're in. We're one of the top 100 best teams in the country.

Jamie Pollard

A written plea of not guilty is what we anticipate.

Randall Mcgruther

It's not something we predicted, and I'm not sure it's something we can anticipate way in advance.

Chris Landsea

I don't anticipate any problems with the English clubs.

David Moffett

We anticipate a large line that will begin overnight.

Nancy Parrott

We anticipate as time unfolds we'll be sending some additional people.

Carol Stevens

We anticipate substantial amendments to the bill.

Anne Murphy

It's not only what we have here today, but it's what we anticipate we're going to have.

Vicki Phillips

We don't anticipate any workforce impact.

Jeff Adams

Will it affect us? I don't anticipate any major issues.

Bill Gosnell

We anticipate that we have the votes to prevail and it really is a question of timing.

Sean Tipton

We anticipate the matter will be resolved out of court.

Mike Spencer

We think it would be very positive for the airport. We anticipate that it will be a very nice building.

Tanya Vanasse

Many of us who do this anticipate it for months and months.

Patrick Hooker

We anticipate having to hire for between 800 and 1,000 positions.

Bill Bonner

We anticipate having those roles filled by the end of this year.

Ginger Scalet

Anticipate 50 per cent turnover of staff.

David Winter

I didn't anticipate too much from them because they had never played together, not even in practice.

Mary Rea Pipa

We can't anticipate what the next call will be.

Gary Finkle

You can't anticipate that kind of success.

Franco Dragone

We anticipate a satisfactory resolution.

Leigh Morris

We anticipate there will be some shortages of carpenters, electricians and others.

Ken Ford

We anticipate that the trial will be complete before year end.

David Cox

But we do not anticipate any major changes.

Bruce Major

We don't know exactly what we'll get yet, we just anticipate we'll be OK.

Stan Hyman

I don't anticipate objections.

Jacqueline Gold

We can anticipate that there's going to be significant damage to the hospitals.

Christopher Helgren

Anticipate charity by preventing poverty.


I don't anticipate the Senate will leave it intact.

Dan Cooper

We don't anticipate any restrictions.

Steve Berry

Anticipate the difficult by managing the easy.

Lao tzu

I don't anticipate asking for any more increases in the near future at all. Not even the far future.

Tom Fleming

We don't anticipate a cash crunch.

Steve Mather

It's really hard to anticipate, but we're increasing staffing that night as well.

Tyrone Parham

I anticipate there will be more illnesses.

Marni Storey

I do anticipate that. But I can't say if or when that would happen. If he's there, he's fooling me.

Kevin Poston

We anticipate very, very tough conditions on the hill.

Jeff Whitney

But we cannot anticipate on the results of the investigation.

Suleiman Awad

I think investors anticipate that the earns will not be as bad as expected.

David Kudla

I anticipate he will live up to his end of the plea agreement.

Peter Strianse

I don't anticipate problems. I anticipate a vigorous process.

Reed Gillespie