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Bill has come down to Hollywood to make this announcement, and that is a first.

James Cameron

The Samsung announcement is still in line with our estimate.

Klaus Rinnen

We may have an announcement on that very soon, possibly Friday.

Herb Vincent

The company expects to make an announcement about new partners in about a month.

Marcio Lebrão

We have not signed him and there's no announcement pending.

Tim Hevly

We're supportive of the announcement regarding Ottawa.

Dave Jamieson

We've made an announcement today and there is no other decision.

Thomas Froehlich

Once the announcement was made, they couldn't go back.

Chester Jourdan

The market must like the announcement.

Jay Ritter

The announcement you have today is not nearly enough. It's the tip of the iceberg.

Roger Cox

This announcement clearly widens an already large gap between IBM and our competitors.

Karl Freund

There was no substance … the announcement today was really a bunch of nothing.

Paul Gallant

My recollection was that he was going to make an announcement later that day.

Russ Pry

If and when there would be any announcement, it would be made in Washington.

Randall Samborn

I'm listening to what people have to say, and I'll be in a position to make an announcement soon.

Alex Munter

I can't confirm anything at this time. What I will say, at this time, is that we have a big announcement coming up.

Christine Moses

It is conventional but credible. There is no big announcement and that is why the stock's down.

Philippe Houchois

We won't do the kind of announcement Siebel has done.

Shai Agassi

This is a very frustrating announcement to us.

Bruce Berven

It's not like it's (the violence) all gone if there is not a public announcement.

Angela Aggeler

It is absolutely certain that I will very shortly make an announcement.

Robert Nichols

Sections of it are developed but it's not at announcement stage yet.

Margaret Murphy

We have to be prepared for uncertainty after the announcement of the candidates.

Karl Eikenberry

This announcement ratchets Palm up to the next level.

John Barker

And will make an announcement at the appropriate time.

William Holland

We plan to make an announcement (this) week.

Gene Pierce

It was a deeply disappointing announcement.

Stephen Rademaker

We have no announcement at this time.

Rick Delisi

We're not going to make an announcement.

Jim Lehner

No deal or announcement is imminent ...,

Phoenix Coyotes

The pre- announcement season has been fairly mild.

John Manley

We hope to make an announcement soon. The new location will be really important to this service.

Jill Cappadoro

We do not know when we will be able to make the official announcement.

Ekachai Warunprapha

What we're experiencing here is the announcement of a Cold War with new methods.

Elmar Brok