James Cameron
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"James Francis Cameron" is a Canadian film director, film producer, screenwriter, editor, inventor, engineer, philanthropist, and deep-sea explorer who has directed the two biggest box office films of all time. He first found success with the science-fiction hit The Terminator (1984). He then became a popular Hollywood director and was hired to write and direct Aliens (film)/Aliens (1986); three years later he followed up with The Abyss (1989).

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I like the evening in India, the one magic moment when the sun balances on the rim of the world, and the hush descends, and ten thousand civil servants drift homeward on a river of bicycles, brooding on the Lord Krishna and the cost of living.

Bill has come down to Hollywood to make this announcement, and that is a first.

[Gates] said, 'You know, let's be partners in this. Let's figure this out so that it is done sanely.' .

Aliens of the Deep.

I love short trips to New York; to me it is the finest three-day town on earth.

What are you gonna do, talk the alien to death?

You don't rest well as long as you're seeking vengeance. I feel sad justice wasn't done, but it's time to move on and sleep well.

It's about human imagination and curiosity. What's out there? What's in the great beyond? What exists at levels we can't see with our five senses?

Clearly their business was not highly impacted by it.