"Robert Nichols" is the name of:

* Robert Nichols (poet) (1893–1944), English writer and poet

* Robert Nichols (actor) (1924-2013), United States actor

* Robert Nichols (playwright), active in 1930s New York (see Al Carmines)

* Robert Nichols (politician) (born 1944), Texas State Senator, 2007–present

*Rob Nichols, American businessman and former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Public Affairs

*Robbie Nichols (born 1946), American football linebacker

*Bobby Nichols (born 1936), golfer

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He was just doing what we all do every day.

It's not like he lost control, ... He pretty much had a choice to make.

I will not run against Senator Staples. I've got too much respect for him. If he formally announces, I will formally announce also. I've always respected the decisions he's made.

I would think with that amount of undercarriage damage, you wouldn't be able to fix it.

He chose the ditch.

You should also recall that I looked you in the eye and stated very clearly that neither I, nor anyone associated with my campaign had anything to do with the matter in question.

That was pretty nice to get in the end zone. I know what I have to do, I just have to execute and make it happen.

It is absolutely certain that I will very shortly make an announcement.

The differences in this race are the experiences I've had.