It's part of our overall strategy to economize on fuel by operating fewer total departures with our 50-seat jets while trying to maximize the total number of departures with our larger planes.

This is part of our overall strategy to continue to find ways to operate a far more fuel- and cost-efficient system.

We're studying all our options.

Business travelers make the decisions based on schedule, leisure travelers do it based on price. We think we can be very competitive in both areas.

The West Coast service did very well as far as attracting customers. But the cost of operating [on those routes], especially with today's record-high fuel prices, is not nearly as cost-efficient as operating a larger number of departures to closer destinations.

To continue to conserve on operating expenses, we are reducing the overall number of flights as well as service to these four markets.

We've had discussions over the recent weeks and months.

We have not announced any changes to our schedule or destinations.

We have no announcement at this time.