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We needed to freshen things up, and Andy is just the person to do that.

Bob Steel

I was named after my grandfather, and he was always called Andy. I don't like it.

Andy Williams

It's nice to see our old cars here. There's no one better to give some feedback on the car than Andy.

Chris Dyson

Andy Barrett was dominant. He knew he had to step up, and that's what he did.

Alex Berg

Well, if Andy was upset with you before, he's really going to be upset by this story.

Michael Hoffman

I'll let you talk to Andy Reid about that.

Darwin Walker

Andy says he's going to have to find a new place to loaf.

Martha Kitts

Was Andy Warhol a bisexual?

Casey Affleck

So when Andy called, I asked him if he would mind waiting.

Julian Allen

Some people have a talent and some people are blessed with a gift. Andy has a gift.

Laura Hart

I thought it was Andy Mangano at first.

Greg Collins

Andy takes the game seriously; he doesn't take himself seriously.

Larry Haylor

That's so Andy always has plenty of hot water on hand.

Lynne Black

Andy felt bad about it, but he didn't think he had the energy to go the distance here.

Steve Bellamy

We have a special player in Andy. He always brings his best.

Brian Collins

The concept has always been to give Andy as much freedom as we can.

Lynne Black

Andy was given an opportunity and was fantastic.

Phil Vickery

Andy understands. He supports the mayor.

Gene Ferguson

I think Rod had some good players in there, and Andy will get some good players in there also. I think they will be competitive quickly.

Gene Bartow

My theory was that they all saw me do it and if Andy Mac could do it ...' Macdonald said.

Danny Way

If Andy is feeling okay then he will be involved in the squad.

Peter Jackson

Tell Mike and Andy to take it easy on us.

Rob Childress

Well, I figured we might as well do it. Andy looked ready.

Larry Tofanelli

Andy will have his privacy, but he'll never be isolated.

Lynne Black