"Darwin Jamar Walker" is a former American football defensive tackle. He was originally NFL Draft/drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the third round of the 2000 NFL Draft. He played college football at Tennessee Volunteers football/Tennessee.

Walker has was also a member of the Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills and Chicago Bears. He now works for Fox 29 in Philadelphia as a pre and post game analyst for the Philadelphia Eagles.

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I suspected something like this might happen, yes. It?s not malicious. I think the Eagles just made a good business decision and Corey made a good business decision, too.

I have great respect for Dick Vermeil. He has watched over me and taken care of me since I took the job here. I think he's a fine, Hall-of-Fame football coach and he'll have that football team prepared.

It was definitely a fluke, but these things happen, ... It was an accident. But that?s football. You just try to move on, try to get better, get out there and help your team.

I'll let you talk to Andy Reid about that.

It's been very taxing without a doubt. Hopefully, I don't have to watch any longer. Hopefully, I can play this weekend. I'm working every day to get better.

Mike is going to be a good player. He's got good balance and quickness. He's got some things to learn, but he's going to be a good player.

We wanted to contain Vick and I felt that for the most part we did that. He got us a couple of times, but we stayed after him.

We realize this is a business. We go to work, and we take care of our business. But when we line up on the field, we're a team. That's how we play.

I think honestly our defense is better at this point than last year. Why? Because of No. 97.