The road to the Yates Cup still runs through McMaster. They've been the best team in the league over the past five years.

The Beefeaters are an important part of the football family in the community. If everyone's healthy, we're all healthy. It's really good for all the members to be functioning well. It's a healthy football environment when there are more and more opportunities to play.

Maybe it was something we needed previously just to be reassured.

We look at the whole package, physical and mental aspects, especially how people react to what's going on. Mike has qualities that work well on the football field. He could've come in here from a Division I school and had an edge but it was the exact opposite. He has come in and fit like the proverbial expensive Italian glove.

He was the glue that kept everything together. He worked so hard this off-season and it shows. I'd say he's been better than what we expected when he's been in there. When Mike's back, it gives us two good quarterbacks, two different styles. That's good.

Defensively, it's the best group we've had since '96 or '97. Our down linemen are better and we're deeper.

Andy takes the game seriously; he doesn't take himself seriously.

He's on everyone's radar screen.