"Steve Bellamy" is an entrepreneur in sports and entertainment best known for the founding of niche cable television networks including The Tennis Channel and The Ski Channel and for having an extreme work ethic. He is also a writer/director/producer whose films “Winter” and “The Story” garnered dozens of film festival awards including numerous “Best Director” awards for him. Those films starred Bode Miller, Lindsey Vonn, Sarah Burke and Hilary Swank. The soundtrack to “Winter” performed by the band BUSH whose single and title track to the film Sound Of Winter hit number one on both the rock and alternative charts in the US.

In sports, Bellamy’s holdings include the Palisades, Westwood and Cheviot Hills Tennis Centers.

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We have 16 players who are the No. 1 player in their country. The cutoff to get into (the tournament) was No. 68 (in the ATP rankings). No tournament outside of a Grand Slam has that kind of quality and depth.

Those two competitors shaped the design of the tournament. Instead of making it just a men's tournament, we came up with this concept of having a big festival with all different kinds of events happening at the same time.

This unique racquet is symbolic of professional tennis' return to Las Vegas. It represents both the excitement and sizzle of the city and the great tennis fans will see at The Tennis Channel Open presented by Panasonic, the newest gem on the professional tennis circuit.

Andy felt bad about it, but he didn't think he had the energy to go the distance here.

I'm a promoter of this sport so if I've ever got somebody who wants to come watch and can't because they can't get a ticket, that's just breaking my heart.

We were just looking to find the best partner that was willing to wrap their arms around the tournament and make a great home for it.

She called just wanting to tell me about the facility and if she could get any kind of publicity on the Tennis Channel. She was telling me how neat this new facility was. She sent me some pictures and we came out and looked at it. We were like 'holy cow,' I can't believe this is a municipal tennis facility.

They (Brown and Mayor Oscar Goodman) bent over backwards to make it work. (The city officials) were extraordinarily accommodating and it's been a wonderful experience.