Gene Bartow
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"B. Gene Bartow" was an American men's college basketball Coach (sport)/coach. The Browning, Missouri, native coached 36 years at six universities after coaching two high schools in Missouri for six years. In 1972 Bartow coached the Puerto Rico national basketball team in the 1972 Munich Olympic Games.

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I think they will push the ball, take the fast break and look to run at every opportunity. It won't be a wild running situation. They will be very deliberate. They will play a lot of man-to-man and will be a solid defensive team.

It's certainly interesting, isn't it?

That was the best performance I've ever seen. Ever.

I think Rod had some good players in there, and Andy will get some good players in there also. I think they will be competitive quickly.

I've seen the Bruins four different times this year and I've seen Alabama, I guess, five. If (Jean) Felix can shoot like he did (Thursday) and the whole team play that well, I'm kind of picking Alabama to beat them.