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Delta is looking at its airport contracts and leases.

John F. Kennedy

Last year, we had to get snow off the airport runway.

Terry Skorstad

An airport that has the traffic — we take that into account as we consider airports.

Marilee Mcinnis

I'd like to fly. Then I wouldn't have to wait in airport security lines.

Jim Morrison

The airport is a tremendous asset to the community.

David Gaines

Cheyenne is a big, spread-out town with an airport set in the middle of it.

Joe Dougherty

When we left Stapleton in 1986, it was a very congested airport.

Gary Kelly

We could land a 747 at our airport . but he may be hard pressed to leave.

Matt Grow

We're essentially one signature away from building this airport.

Rick Bryant

Accidents on or right next to airport property are not all that common.

Paul Turk

The airport authority is optimistic it will be constructed.

Bruce Frallic

I think it's great. It's exciting to see things happening at the airport.

Linda Jarosz

They won't implement any of the plans. My feeling is they want another airport.

Barbara Frawley

Their budgets are much smaller than ours and they don't have an airport of our capacity.

Yvonne Hester

Just like at the airport, that can happen.

Jennifer Peppin

If it was just used for the airport, it'd be great.

John White

It's not happening, they're nowhere near the airport.

Anderson Cooper

There are several steps to go before this (airport) will be a reality.

Steve Benson

Our airport is less expensive, there's less traffic and it's easier on passengers.

Michael Fitzgerald

No changes. In no way did it involve the airport.

Don Smithey

There were more than 100 cars that had blocked off Airport Lane.

Patrick Hogan

I'm not going to say a word. We'll see if you can find our airport.

Randy Palmer

If God had really intended men to fly, he'd make it easier to get to the airport.

George Winters

We need the competition at this airport.

Richard Ennis

We're trying to determine what the airport can be and should be when it grows up. What should the mission be?

Michael Hodges

Eventually, this will be the airport of the valley.

Johnny Johnson

Some day my boat will come in, and with my luck I'll be at the airport.


For us, this is a great airport in a great town and we're just thrilled to be here.

Mike Bolles

It is our responsibility ultimately. It's our airport.

Danny Levy

They have left for the airport.

Maxine Nash

I'd like to see some way for them to use our airport.

Bill Foster

When you land at the airport, you don't get very far before you realize you're in Buckeye country.

Andy Geiger

There's just not enough room at that airport.

Amy Cook

We had the guy in here who the little girl at the airport identified as raping her.

Troy Poret

Those are the two biggest marketing pluses that our airport has.

Tanya Vanasse