Rick Bryant
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"Rick Bryant" is a New Zealand blues and rock singer/songwriter. Bands include Rick Bryant and the Jive Bombers, The Jubilation Gospel Choir, and Windy City Strugglers. With over a thirty year history in music other bands include Mammal and Bruno Lawrence's Blerta. He is currently working on recording new album with John Kempt Gordon Spittle and other long term collaborators - Pete Bayliss, Ross Burge, Tony McMaster and the current membership of the live band.

He was convicted of possession of cannabis (drug)/cannabis, cannabis oil, MDMA/ecstasy and cocaine, but appealed blaming his 35-year history of cannabis use.

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And the little snowflakes add to the romanticism.

We're essentially one signature away from building this airport.

If the development district was outside of the 24,000-acre ultimate footprint, we would support it. We're asking our allies in Springfield to try to stop it. We would like to amend it.

We tried to make some this year that had some kind of connection to Pennsylvania or our area.

Both of them strongly support the airport and both of them have strongly pledged not to raise county property taxes.

If it is outside of the airport footprint, we don't have a problem with it. In fact, we think it is a good idea.

There certainly are a number of Hammond residents who would consider joining a lawsuit with Calumet City. With the possibility of a legal challenge, the city might wish to proceed with caution.