Jim Morrison
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"James Douglas "Jim" Morrison" was an American singer, poet and songwriter best remembered as the lead vocalist of the Doors.

Due to his songwriting, baritone voice, wild personality and performances, he is regarded by critics and fans as one of the most iconic and influential frontmen in rock music history, and, due to the dramatic tinges surrounding his life and death, in the latter part of 20th century he was one of popular culture's most rebellious and oft-displayed icons, representing generational gap and youth counterculture. He was also well known for improvising spoken word poetry passages while the band played live. Morrison was ranked number 47 on Rolling Stone (magazine)/Rolling Stone's list of the "100 Greatest Singers of All Time", and number 22 on Classic Rock (magazine)/Classic Rock Magazine's "50 Greatest Singers In Rock". Ray Manzarek said that Morrison "embodied hippie counterculture of the 1960s/counterculture rebellion..." Morrison was also known as the self-proclaimed "Lizard King" and "King of Orgasmic Rock".

Morrison developed an alcohol dependency. He 27 Club/died at the age of 27 in Paris, allegedly of a heroin overdose. No autopsy was performed, and the exact cause of Morrison's death is still disputed. His grave in Paris is a shrine to him, visited daily by numerous fans.

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I like any reaction I can get with my music. Just anything to get people to think. I mean if you can get a whole room full of drunk, stoned people to actually wake up and think, you're doing something.

[That sarcasm is mild compared to Morris' treatment of Nixon, who the authors say may have had an affair with a cocktail waitress.] Well, I can't even imagine him with his own wife, let alone someone else, ... I'm going to now caress your little appendages.

Our altar has never been adorned more beautifully than it is with these people seeking the sanctuary of God.

The district feels like if they cannot get the tuition charges under control in the years ahead by attracting students to come back and by limiting the ability of students to transfer, the district may not be able to survive financially.

Death is only going to happen to you once; I don't want to miss it.

I'd like to fly. Then I wouldn't have to wait in airport security lines.

I like people who shake other people up and make them feel uncomfortable.

Is everybody in? Is everybody in? Is everybody in? The ceremony is about to begin.

Violence isn't always evil. What's evil is the infatuation with violence.

We're like actors, turned loose in this world to wander in search of a phantom, endlessly searching for a half formed shadow of our lost reality. When others demand that we become the people they want us to be, they force us to destroy the person we really are. It's a subtle kind of murder. The most loving parents and relatives commit this murder with smiles on their faces.

I realized a dream I'd had since I was three. But I wanted to spend more time with my kids, and help them pursue their dreams.

Drugs are a bet with your mind.

Death makes angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as raven's claws.

If my poetry aims to achieve anything, it's to deliver people from the limited ways in which they see and feel.

My own sense is this is going to be a very fluid situation for a while as families figure out what they're going to do.

We were extremely pleased by their comments as they confirmed that our staff in Iraq had done the kind of effective job we have always contended.

Some people surrender their freedom willingly but others are forced to surrender it. Imprisonment begins with birth. Society, parents they refuse to allow you to keep the freedom you were born with. There are subtle ways to punish a person for daring to feel. You see that everyone around you has destroyed his true feeling nature. You imitate what you see.

Let's just say I was testing the bounds of society. I was just curious.

I consider myself very lucky. God has a funny way of bringing some things around and knocking you in the head with the ultimate destination. Something I should have achieved quite easily took me a long time to get around to. It came in His time, not mine.

People fear death even more than pain. It's strange that they fear death. Life hurts a lot more than death. At the point of death, the pain is over. Yeah, I guess it is a friend...

If you look back, you'll see that we have a long history of, shall we say, flawed characters who have served in this office.

I'm a word man. See, there's this theory about the nature of tragedy, that Aristotle didn't mean catharsis for the audience but a purgation of emotions for the actors themselves. The audience is just a witness to the event taking place on stage.

I think of myself as an intelligent, sensitive human with the soul of a clown, which always forces me to blow it at the most important moments.

I think the highest and lowest points are the important ones. Anything else is just...in between. I want the freedom to try everything.

Love cannot save you from your own fate.

I'm kind of hooked to the game of art and literature; my heroes are artists and writers.

I am the lizard king. I can do anything.

That's what real love amounts to- letting a person be what he really is. Most people love you for who you pretend to be. To keep their love, you keep pretending- performing. You get to love your pretence. It's true, we're locked in an image, an act-.

I see myself as a huge fiery comet, a shooting star. Everyone stops, points up and gasps "Oh look at that!" Then- whoosh, and I'm gone...and they'll never see anything like it ever again... and they won't be able to forget me- ever.

I believe in a long, prolonged, derangement of the senses in order to obtain the unknown.

Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.

Hatred is a very underestimated emotion.

Some of the worst mistakes of my life have been haircuts.