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They do more harm by their evil example than by their actual sin.


Without an actual coach, guys can kind of stray easily.

Peyton Stovall

This is going to be more noise than actual effect on Given.

Amit Hazan

Liability issues were not the actual issues.

Timothy Jones

We have the conceptual plans. In eight weeks, we'll have the actual plans.

Cynthia White

We haven't got any reports yet of actual flooding.

Tom Hawley

It's guns, guns and more guns. What's next, guns in the actual workplace?

Arthur Hayhoe

Here was an actual functioning operating system, and it worked.

Peter Salus

I went to bed in my sh*thole apartment and I woke up in an actual sh*thole.

Leigh Whannell

You get a lot more money than you put in - in services and actual mitigation money.

Margo Fenn

There's always a place for actual tactile shopping.

Michael Nathanson

The actual decision is not subject to meet and confer.

Robert Owen

Cowards die many times before their actual deaths.

Julius Caesar

The only thing left to do is put a spoken agreement into an actual document.

John Donahue

Those aren't aliases. Those are their actual names.

Bill Beck

It is just the actual fuel costs.

Don Turner

We were more concerned about its actual location.

Matt Mattice

Charleston is one of the few that has the actual building.

Jeanette Clark

I've never seen an actual gas explosion like this before.

Robert Porter

I don't have the actual money. Just the press release.

Jim Rich

It is possible that the actual contract will be signed soon.

Vyacheslav Davidenko

Once you see the actual person you are donating for it is so emotional.

Brandon Wilson

There is some work at first, when you first set one up, but very little actual maintenance.

Pam Manwaring

I think the estimate is 72 miles of actual hiking.

R.q. Shupe

It's the actual No. 10. It's not painted on or anything. I didn't bring it. But he's always here with us.

Joe Mccarthy

We will be one of the few in our area with an actual lighted parking lot.

Billy Fontenot

Actual violence has no attraction for me at all.

Jane Campion

We will know the actual figures only on Friday.

Yash Chopra

The state should make this an actual law, so it would be taken more seriously by county staff.

Jeff Silverman

For our kids who are actual swimmers, they get bored pretty fast.

Wade Taylor