As far as somebody that's crafty with the ball, he's probably the best we've seen so far.

We let one man beat us. And that's not the sign of a very good team.

Carson City's downtown will soon benefit from a variety of improvements ... most importantly, a pedestrian-friendly design.

Any manager who can't get along with a .400 hitter is crazy.

They've been putting a lot of goals in the net. That'll be another big gauge of where we are right now.

Ultimately, we're building a new sense of place in the town we've called home for many generations. We know that Carson City residents, business owners and employees have opinions about the future of Carson City's downtown area, and we want to hear the suggestions and put them into action.

It's the actual No. 10. It's not painted on or anything. I didn't bring it. But he's always here with us.

It's just a testament to how hard these guys have worked. When Alex passed away (of Hodgkin's disease in February), a bunch of them made a commitment that they wanted to be successful in his honor. They have worked to get here now.

There's no better way to honor Alex than to have somebody like John wear it, in my opinion. The kid's got great heart and determination and he never quits. ... And I don't think there's anybody that cares more about wearing that number than John does.