"Don Turner " is a boxing trainer.

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Really, I don't want him to get hurt.

Is that what he said? ... Don't make sense to me.

It's essentially an attempt to rationalise the number, so that you have bigger regions which have more capabilities. How many regions there are will depend on what the committee recommends and what the annual general meeting accepts.

There we'll have a 45-minute program, and we'll honor the oldest living veteran in Lee County. We'll give him an appropriate gift and acknowledge his service.

It is just the actual fuel costs.

We're a lot speedier this year, offensively. We lost a lot of multi-year starters to graduation, but our players are working hard and I think some of them will step up and do well.

Based on current results, they predict a total of 2,150 Internet users and 930 bill-paying users by December when the test period is ended.

Northland has to be considered the favorite since they're the defending champion, but I think us and Whetstone should be right up there with them. There could be a wild-card team that steps in there and challenges for it, too.