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Accidents will occur in the best regulated families.

Charles Dickens

There are accidents that, if they are foreseen, are avoided.

Jose Sulaiman

That's probably our greatest cause of accidents.

Robert Cox

This is not an unusual occurrence. We've had accidents in that area before. It does happen.

Joy Hill

We're on a bit of a spike from December until now, with the fatal accidents.

Kevin Honea

Now we average 90 accidents a day and often it's as high as 100.

Don Kelly

We want to avoid accidents such as this one.

Sara Stern

The rally is hard and unfortunately this year there were some accidents.

Luc Alphand

These (kinds of) accidents are more about of lack of experience than anything else.

Angela Fraser

Well, everyone had to ski the same course, so there's really no excuse. Accidents happen.

Gro Kvinlog

If you look at hunting accidents, there's always one or more rules violated.

Thomas Baumeister

When I see accidents it's really scary. I'm wondering if they're okay and hoping it doesn't happen to me.

Melissa Hoyt

This was just one of those freak accidents.

Mary Lewis

Accidents do and will happen.

Harry Whittington

They were wonderful accidents.

Bruce Hornsby

We're working on it. I've never seen a crossing with as many accidents.

Rod Massman

There are no small accidents on this circuit.

Ayrton Senna

It was a series of daily accidents that became a chronic condition.

Patrick Folan

Accidents happen and that entire area is very fragile.

John Horning

These were not accidents, these were not pranks.

Chandra Carle

We can't know the number of accidents that haven't occurred.

Lt. David Waltemeyer

I've seen a lot of accidents, and I can't believe she made it out of there.

Gary Woods

A chapter of accidents.

Earl Of Chesterfield