The Sierra Club endorses Vice President Gore because he is committed to cutting air and water pollution and protecting our nation's treasured forests and wildlands.

As long as the reasoning behind this is for public safety and is not seen as anything other than that, I think it can work.

That's probably our greatest cause of accidents.

I have a hard time sitting still and will make traffic stops for minor violations in order to have something to do.

Red-light violations in the first year are typically decreased by 50 percent. That is the primary reason for us looking into something like this.

Gore helped strengthen clean air standards, sped cleanup of Superfund toxic waste sites, reduced automobile tailpipe pollution and protected America's spectacular landscapes, ... This is the kind of leadership the American people are seeking in our next president.

He's a good tennis player, but he is also a great person. He's done anything that has been asked of him. I couldn't be happier he is going to be my son-in-law.

You just can't be everywhere at once, and people who see a marked patrol car at an intersection probably aren't going to run a red light.

Our members believe that a vote for Gore is the best way to protect our families from pollution and safeguard our nation's landscapes for future generations to enjoy.