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If you're going to come back with a couple of trees, that's not going to be acceptable to me.

Wayne J. Wilkinson

We've had a bit of luck. It's a very acceptable group in which we can do many things.

Rafael Marquez

There is a gray zone. There is an uncertainty as to what is acceptable behavior.

Michelle Mello

If it's in the book and it has a meaning, it's acceptable.

Leslie Charles

Politeness, n. The most acceptable hypocrisy.

Ambrose Bierce

'Acceptable risk' is an oxymoron to some security people.

Jay Heiser

They told us a couple of weeks ago they wanted to end it. We told them that was not acceptable.

Rocky Pullman

We're the acceptable edge of the unacceptable stuff.

Peter Buck

The farmers I've talked to don't find it acceptable at all.

Matt Cronin

The message is think laterally about what would be acceptable to the market.

John Gellatly

This is not at all acceptable. He should quit.

Kuldip Nayar

The status quo is not acceptable.

Scott Brison

Hay is more acceptable to an ass than gold.

Latin Proverb

The results have not been acceptable.

Paul Sanders

Cruelty might be very human, and it might be cultural, but it's not acceptable.

Jodie Foster

As a professional, there are some things which I can accept but there are other things which are not acceptable to me.

Luis Fernandez

Australians need to ask themselves whether this is an acceptable outcome.

Greg Bourne

Now happening under acceptable political conditions.

Juergen Trittin

They were perfectly acceptable. It's a classic problem.

Malcolm Gray

This is a perfectly acceptable, good tempo. But I like it a little faster.

Peter Jaffe

The only acceptable resolution in the case would be a complete dismissal.

Mel Sachs

We are safer, but we are not yet safe. That's simply not acceptable.

Thomas H. Kean

This is not going to be politically acceptable to most people.

Dave Alberswerth

We were shut down. For this team to do that, it's just not acceptable.

Brian Randle

Five fouls is not acceptable at this level.

Adam Nelson

The mayor will be listening to them ... to see if anything they have to say is acceptable.

Marty Mcomber

The blockade is not acceptable and must end immediately.

Bernard Lord

This is not acceptable and I intend to correct it.

Rob Ashe

We want this to be financially acceptable to Jefferson City.

David Seamon

Anything less than a win is not acceptable.

Colin White

They both agreed that was an acceptable compromise.

John Burnett

If we can start to say that's not acceptable in town, we can change that culture.

Alice Jackson

You give it to an acceptable charity.

Abdulkader Thomas

Bad games happen, but they're not acceptable.

Kyra Kaylor

We're already in a situation that is far from acceptable and could get worse.

Normand Laberge

General awareness of the college is at an acceptable level.

Derek Hall

I don't understand why that's acceptable. It will add up over time.

Samantha Heller

One can expect the result to be mutually acceptable.

Ralf Berchtold

That's not acceptable. We need (enforceable) standards.

Chris Servheen

The temperature got way out of the acceptable range.

Lee Hartmann

But the status quo is no longer acceptable.

Bill Kennedy

No one thinks the do-nothing solution is acceptable. Everybody said do something.

Clay Smith