We will replace the projectors, we will review our security system in the building, and see what we can do.

A theft of this size is unusual, and it is a big deal. These projectors are used six days a week. Our professors rely on technology as they teach their classes, and this puts a kink in what we do.

The Moore and (Sean) Hannity events were huge and caused a major focus on campus last year. A lot of people expressed their opinions to us, and in return we were able to communicate to a lot of people that we normally would not have.

We were disappointed by the awareness of four-year degrees at the College, ... We have offered Bachelor degrees since 1993, and currently have nearly 50 four-year degree programs. These results will helps us focus our marketing efforts in the future.

There's not a timeline, and we're working with the Regents, ... But we do have the consultants coming in early November.

We've tried to emphasize that a little bit in some of our communications materials -- apparently not enough. We have plans to get that message out.

General awareness of the college is at an acceptable level.

UVSC is now the third largest institution in the state, and this survey shows that our support and perceptions have increased over the past two years.

We will be making needed changes to ensure it doesn't happen again.