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We expect to see a marked slowdown in revenue growth in three of Vodafone's major European markets: Germany, Italy and Spain. Each has experienced significant termination rate cuts ... and this will have hit service revenue growth.

Christian Maher

Clearly from these statistics, they are submitting an application, but they are not submitting the proper documentation. They are bringing in new enrollments. However, there's such a large termination.

Jan Scott

Our findings show that too many workers are not looking at their 401(k) savings as long-term in nature, but are instead using termination of employment as an opportunity to spend this money.

Lori Lucas

The dilemma is that there was no direct contract with ICE, because that was handled through the one Bureau contract. It's possible that ICE may now want to work directly with us, but because we don't have any assurance of that, we have given every employee a notice of termination.

Steve Owen

Has given me no choice but to advocate for the termination of this project.

Greg Nickels

In a body [like Congress] where there are more than one hundred talking lawyers, you can make no calculation upon the termination of any debate.

Franklin Pierce Adams

With that termination of funding, (the council) made a decision to first decrease her hours to 10 per week. In the next meeting, that I did not attend, they determined that she would no longer serve as director.

Heather Proctor

We need to be advised as to whether there will be the termination of service on the grounds of redundancy for some or all of the workers as a result of the ownership change. If that is not the case, the matter needs to be settled as to whether there will be a renewal of the existing contract of employment, or the re-engagement under a new contract.

Danny Roberts

A lot of employers are dead scared to do anything with a worker who has an illness or disability with respect to termination or disciplinary action.

John Doran

The law is extremely restrictive in constraining the development of civil society in Iraq; it vests excessive, unwarranted authority in government officials to control the establishment, operation and termination of non-governmental organizations. While there are worse examples out there, this is one of the most restrictive laws we've seen recently.

Douglas Rutzen

Without the early-termination clause, people would be gaming the system. People would walk away with a $500 phone for virtually nothing. An early-termination fee allows the wireless provider to recoup the costs of giving a phone to a consumer for a steep discount. Without it, you simply have an economic model that doesn't work.

Joe Farren

I hope the community will read the reports and make its own judgment about whether the record warrants the suspension or termination of the program. We didn't think so. We feel the decision ought to be made on the basis of the facts: We did not find racist behavior. We did not find sexual assault. We didn't find harassment.

James Coleman

It had more to do with the letter of the law than anything else. It's really difficult to say much more about it. It was what we felt was a minor infraction - certainly not something that merited termination.

Tim Marchant

Although the termination of the contract is the last point of interest.

John Stevens

That's a real problem area for us lawyers, ... because depending on how important it is for a company to get rid of someone, they can go through a whole sham of pretending to restructure a company to justify a termination.

James Johnston

[Better terms. Contracts with steep termination fees are another barrier to dumping a carrier. Carriers could initially roll out longer contracts with higher termination fees, but may compete over the long run by offering fewer binding contracts.] It's going to be hard for carriers to stick with a system that punishes consumers, ... Consumers just won't accept that.

Adam Goldberg

We felt we were very close to an agreement. We were surprised to receive the termination letter.

Glenn Christenson

It's the kind of stuff that is not termination-level.

Dave Comerford

The feeling among the retirees is this (termination) was not a legal action. This, of course, was a surprise and unsettling, to say the least.

Barbara Johnson

We'll take whatever actions necessary up to and including termination.

Christopher Simpson