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It was really about client retention. A few of our large customers knew what these kinds of tools could do and started asking us for them.

Bradley Maue

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We were very excited to be back on the field. The players were upbeat and very positive. The coaches are doing a great job. The retention of the players, as well as their conditioning, was actually pretty good.

Jay Thomas

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Who in their right mind decides we're going to lighten up on record retention policies for the new, emerging, primary way people communicate in the market? What genius came up with that idea?

Barbara Roper

Continued growth in the custom sector of our business has fueled our rapid expansion, along with a high client-retention rate.

Andy Carr

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The idea of a work/life balance is much more important to younger workers than it ever was with baby boomers. Companies are looking at retention issues.

Jen Jorgensen

We're kind of setting up various Petri dishes full of experiments and then we'll be measuring and correcting. I think incremental improvement in your market always hits your bottom line pretty nicely - so if we can improve acquisition efforts by a half of a percent or a percent, or improve retention by one or two percent, that's very significant.

Janet Farness

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For some patients, this represents a retention period of over 100 years. And the Sarbanes-Oxley act requires every public company to save every record related to the audit process, including e-mails, for seven years.

Fred Moore

Now you have the opportunity to share with associates some of the benefits of the program. And what you get is not just the value of improved efficiency and effectiveness but also the value of improving your culture and [employee] retention.

Mike Gregory

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This type of data retention would never fly in the United States because of privacy concerns and because the industry would not allow it. Even in the U.S., the Department of Homeland Security has not been able to mandate this type of retention measure.

Gus Hosein

While there has been an increased retention of funds within the region, we expect the flow of capital out of the region to accelerate in 2006, partly due to the over-priced nature of regional markets and partly due to an increased desire to use the petrodollars to make strategic acquisitions.

Steve Brice

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It's important for our nation that our military and our society be close together. That's important for democracy. And it's important for recruiting. It's important for retention. It's important for building support for our engagements overseas.

Anthony J. Principi

The conversion of the existing plant will provide for the retention of a skilled and experienced group of employees, thereby avoiding a plant closing and the loss of well-paid jobs in the Columbus community.

Peter Kelly

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We are very confident in Patrick's ability to step in and lead our job creation and retention efforts. His past experience combined with his relationships both in the community and within our targeted industries will keep our momentum going forward.

Bryan Derreberry

I think this really does help with retention because they feel like they are important and they don't just show up here their first day and try to wander around and find out where things are. The hope is if they attend orientation, they already have that feeling and they already feel like they're part of the community when they start classes.

Allyson Wilson

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The crisis is not over. The only thing that has happened is some moderation in the rate of increase of our premiums, but we still have issues in terms of recruitment and retention of physicians.

Andrew Wigglesworth

We need to use some of these lower areas as flood retention areas, as places to collect the hazards.

Craig Colten

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Gov. Rell is dead serious when she said job creation and job retention has been at the top of her priority list since she took office. And the 28,000 jobs that the state has added in the last two years reflects that attention and effort.

Rich Harris

I believe our numbers were low because of our transition. Now that John L. has established his program, you're going to see higher retention rates because the kids are playing for the coach that recruited him.

Jim Pignataro

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We would hope that it would increase the number of transfers who complete baccalaureate degrees. That is always our goal — to increase our retention and graduation rates and to make education more seamless.

Karen Wheeler

Traditionally, we have looked at economic development as job attraction and job retention.

Jack Schultz

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